Our Offerings


Testing & Commissioning Division

TCNOM takes up the works on testing and commissioning of electrical equipments, Protection systems of power plants/EHV substations up to 765kV.

  Protection System

Sophisticated relay logic minimizes interconnection wiring, making for more reliable systems, and allows for future expansion and changes at minimal cost. With our expertise in the protection of transmission lines, feeders, transformers, and capacitor banks, along with complex control systems, TCNOM is well qualified to develop the control logic for, and program, relays for a wide variety of applications. We are familiar with the relays from all major manufacturers.

Our proven expertise in relay programming also permits us to offer specialized high-reliability solutions for the distribution system, including unique High-Speed Fault Clearing Systems, featuring specially configured Underground Distribution Switchgear.

 Retrofitting Division

Many of the industries are under productivity due to the old conventional system and aged system which leads the frequent outage and failures...

Retrofitting & modification jobs for Installations of Numerical Relays, Switchgears, CT / PT and other electrical equipment,

 Operation & Maintenance

TCNOM is one of the leading Power Plant Operation & Maintenance / Maintenance (O&M / M) Service Providers in India. We, in TCNOM are providing Operation & Maintenance / Maintenance (O&M) services to Power Sector for Generating stations.